How I Can Help

Whether it’s powerlifting, learning how to navigate the gym, or getting strong AF, I help people get stronger and feel more confident in their bodies.

Depending on your goals, location, and experience there are many ways we can work together.


One-off sessions are perfect for folks local to Chicago or visiting from out of town that need an outside eye every once in awhile. Contact me directly to schedule a one-off session to focus on your Squat, Bench, Deadlift or accessory work.


Online training is best for folks that are confident in the gym and used to going on their own regularly. Online training includes video review of exercises, weekly program updates, and text feedback/support as you need it.


1:1 personal training is best for folks just getting started in the gym or new to barbell movements. In-person is the best way to learn new concepts and start building your own lifting habits.