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Strength is for Every Body.


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Hi, I'm Kayla


I help people get stronger. It has been a long and unconventional road to get here. I didn’t start lifting weights until I was 26 years old. This is due in part to the fact that I was focused on punishing myself in the gym and too intimidated to go upstairs to the weight room. It was not until I shifted my focus from punishment to celebrating what my body can do that I was able to make peace with myself and accept and celebrate where I am it. It is because of this self discovery that I chose to dedicate my work to sharing the power of strength training with others. Training is much more than the physical act. SFEB is a collaborative approach to strength and powerlifting training to help you grow into your strongest self.

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Remote Coaching

Online training is best for folks that are confident in the gym and used to going on their own regularly. Online training includes video review of exercises, weekly program updates, and text feedback/support as you need it.

This is not an overpriced template. Online training is a collaborative, high-touch approach to continuous learning and growth. We may not meet in person, but we will see a lot of each other.

1:1 Personal Training at Rockwell Barbell in Chicago, Illinois

1:1 personal training is best for folks just getting started in the gym or new to barbell movements. In-person is the most efficient way to learn new concepts and start building your own lifting habits.

Let's Work Together ➝

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