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Hi, I'm Kayla


I help people get stronger. I compete in powerlifting. I write. I perform. I’ve been a full-time marketing specialist. And a full time yoga teacher. But this isn't a bio to tell you how qualified I am. There is no shortage of qualified people to teach you how to pick up weights and put them back down. Training is much more than the physical act. What does strength mean for you? Where are you now, and how far is that from where you want to be? What does your self-talk sound like? Are you living your life as the strongest version of yourself? I’m interested in asking these sorts of questions and exploring the answers together.

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Progress > Perfection

Training isn't just getting your ass kicked so hard you leave sweat angels on the floor. (That's a nice bonus, but it's not all you get!) Training is about incremental progress and learning how to create lasting change. It doesn't matter if your goal is fat loss, increasing strength, or just to look better naked. Change cannot be addressed in a silo. I'll work with you to examine your habits, nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset to support you in becoming the best version of yourself (and defining whatever that means to you.)

Let's Work Together ➝

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Let's Work Together

If you're looking for an integrated approach to meeting your goals (or just being an overall badass), let's talk. But first, I'd like to get to know more about you. Fill out the form linked below and I'll be in touch to schedule a free consultation to discuss your goals and a clear path forward.

Let's Work Together ➝