If only Western nations took the time/had the care/invested the money in things like this, the world may be a better place for all in the next coming years.  We could join hands, start a love train, and clean up the mess we made.


Life-Altering Energy Conversion Machine of the Day: From Japan’s Blest Corporation comes a revolutionary Mr. Fusion-like device capable of returning plastic material back to its original form: Oil.

From OurWorld:

Blest’s conversion technology is very safe because it uses a temperature controlling electric heater rather than flame. The machines are able to process polyethylene, polystyrene and polypropylene (numbers 2-4) but not PET bottles (number 1). The result is a crude gas that can fuel things like generators or stoves and, when refined, can even be pumped into a car, a boat or motorbike. One kilogram of plastic produces almost one liter of oil. To convert that amount takes about 1 kilowatt of electricity, which is approximately ¥20 or 20 cents’ worth.