Ghost Town: Downtown Chicago.

Sun-licked empty streetsNo protestors to be found Fear spreads uneven.

Every office is closed but mine, it seems.  In case you haven't heard, protesters will swarm the streets this weekend through Monday.  I wonder if the business continuity unit follows Occupy Chicago on twitter.

I was talking with some friends last night about what people choose to fear.  There is a lot of talk around the office about protesters dressed up as clowns throwing pies at the white-collar bankers.  The collection of human 'waste bombs' is also a hot topic sure to raise goosebumps on arms and food out of stomachs.

It is always the small handful of crazy people that ruin it for the Everyman.

What I find facinating is:

1. How the media has so much control of what the Everyman fears (and what he chooses to ignore).

2. How people are afraid to come to work because of a handful of crazies, yet consume GMO and pesticide ridden food, and stay silent about the chemicals that poison our children and our planet.

How do you combat the hype? (cue Public Enemy beats here)