New Year accident

I don’t particularly subscribe to resolving on the New Year.  Firstly, (and mostly) this is because I don’t like anything most people like. (or maybe I do and I just like challenging people more than I like belonging to whatever voodoo we are discussing).  Secondly, and what is starting to become most important, why should you save the act of resolving to for the New Year?  Change your life when life beckons a change.

Since late July, I have been in a funk.  Not funk like juicy bass-lines, but funk like smelly and grimy and useless.  I have been feeling sorry for myself for six months.  That is half a year blinded and wasted.

I am telling you this because I know a lot of you are feeling this way too.  You are feeling ashamed of going to art school, lost because you don’t know what to do next, overwhelmed because banks and landlords, and utility providers want your money, hungry because the only thing satisfying is macaroni and cheese and whiskey (with the occasional slice of pizza).

You are not broken.  You don’t have to live this way.  Your creativity and true nature will give you the means and the power to do what you were made (what your really want) to do. 

Instead of numbing that nagging voice telling you to do what you really want to do, comply with what she/he/it is saying and trust that the Source (that voice) will take care of you.

Work the crappy job, but do not let it define you.  Know that your path will unfold when it is ready as long as you are listening to that voice.

Read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. 

Clean out the muck.  Rise to the challenge, and fulfill your purpose.


Do it.


You deserve to help yourself.