Fazing out.


There is a guy at work that always says greetings, only I know he isn’t as smart as Spock.  Maybe Spock doesn’t even say that, but I imagine that he does.

Today is January 22 and it is thunder storming outside.  It is 40 degrees.  March?  Maybe it will be 25 and snowing in March.

I am writing because I am nervous.  And I want to get all of the energy out so I can get a good night’s sleep.

I am ready for change.  Healthy change.  Last week I spent a lot of time resisting it, but that demon got tired and had to lie down, and feelings of health and goodness filled me up and now that demon can’t come back with as much force.

She will be back I am sure, but I will know how to keep her in check.

This week I am exercising myself worth and regaining a sense of power.  I deserve the world.  I will get the world so long as I do the work for it.

I made this collage today and it was pretty terrible.  I took half of it away and how it is kind of adorable.  It is growing on me.

The problem is, that there was too much in the collage that had nothing to do with what the whole thing was trying to say.  I took away all of the nonsense, and now I can hear it speak.

I can even see how to make it better.

That’s kind of what is happening in my life.  It is time to take out all of the distractions and unnecessary and unhealthy things.  The things that make me needy and insecure and indecisive.

I am not naturally these things. 

Tonight, Zan and I finished Mad Men season 4.

It is over.  This toxic relationship with this silly and tragic TV show is over.

Don’t get me wrong.  It is a good show.  It just was not a good way to spend my time.  And it was upsetting.  Infedelity, alcoholism, and divorce are all very sensitive subjects for me.  Just seeing people, albeit, fake people suffering is enough to hurt my feelings.

I am either 8 years old of 95.  Or just sensitive.

Now it is time to make juice and pick out my outfit for The Girl in the Yellow Dress opening at Next Theatre.  Kortney is my date.  We will have a great night.

Project home-cultured-Kombucha is going well.  Attached is a picture for those of you that are into microscopic lives.  To give you an idea about how happy this culture has gotten since we moved her on top of the radiator, imagine this:

Yesterday, she was but a thin film floating on top of the tea.  Today (pictured) she is about a quarter of an inch thick and begun to sink.  Happy SCOBY.  Home brewed booch soon.  If you are nice, I will let you try some.