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How to Care for Yourself Before & After Training

I invite you to look at training as a spectrum rather than black and white. (I’d argue these skills could be applied to most things in life, but that is out of my scope.) Get above the trees and see the whole forest rather than getting lost in the details of each individual tree. It can take years to figure out the “Best way” to train. But once you find that, you’ll change. Take it bird by bird, session by session, and keep you future self in mind.

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A Cheat Sheet for Structuring Your Own Strength Training Workouts

The main principle of building strength is progressive overload. This means simply increasing the number of reps you do, your time under load/tension, the weight on the bar, etc. That is it. Pushing yourself further than you did last week, last month, last year (on average, over time. There are absolutely times we need to rest… more on that in another post) is what makes you stronger. This is your guide to ditching the complex infographics and structuring your own workouts.

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